Transcript beta 82

Here new versions including beta versions of Transcript will be announced.
Also for new and updated plugins and new translations of Transcript.
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Transcript beta 82

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It's been almost a year since the last beta but today I present beta 82.
I have a little time to do some bugfixes and small (!) improvements so please tell me if you know any bugs or anything else that could be improved. After that I plan to release a new stable release 2.4.

Note: My betas only contain the Transcript program itself not the help and languages files etc. Meaning you shouldn't uninstall the stable release but copy the Transcript.exe from the beta to the folder where you have Transcript installed.
In case you haven't installed yet please install the stable release first and then copy the beta over it.

I can only fix things when I know there is a problem so please send bug reports and crashes to me (either by e-mail or on this forum).

Changes in build 82
Released 2012-01-12.
  • Small changes to the Info displayed in the About box.
  • Small changes to the Info sent with a crash report.
  • Bugfix: zoom value showing 400 when entering 40 after closing combo. Fixed by always adding custom zoom values to the list of zoom values.
  • Request: add 40% zoom to the predefined values in the zoom combobox.
  • Clarification: make it clearer that the exception can't allocate DIB handle is in most cases due to not enough free memory. (Crash reports for this exception don't need to be sent to me.)
  • Make sure at least part of the editor window is shown when changing from maximized to normal size (unless image window is only shown).
  • Change editor background color when editor is in readonly mode.
  • Remember separate editor/image window sizes for maximized and normal window state.

    Download beta:
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