Transcript beta 109

Here new versions including beta versions of Transcript will be announced.
Also for new and updated plugins and new translations of Transcript.
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Transcript beta 109

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A new beta version of Transcript is available. The main improvement is support of higher than 100% dpi screen settings for the primary monitor. I have not been able to test higher than 150%. If you use settings higher than that and see any problems in Transcript then please let me know and make a screenshot of the problem.

Transcript can now also be followed on Facebook, making it easier to stay up to date. Please like and spread the word if you want ;)

I can only fix things when I know there is a problem so please send bug reports and crashes to me (either by e-mail or on this forum).

Changes in build 109
Released 2017-01-07
  • Add: Support different regions for language translations.
  • Add: Make Transcript handle high dpi screens where the size is bigger than 100% (96 dpi). Note that for now only the dpi of the primary monitor is supported. If your really need to use it on a secondary monitor then email me for a test version.
  • Fix: Some parts were not showing correctly when dpi higher than 100%. If you see other parts that need improving please email me.
  • Change: Remove fonts starting with @ and increase the amount of shown fonts in the dropdown list.
  • Fix: Image window and Editor Ruler sometimes didn't get painted when starting Transcript and the main window wasn't maximized.
  • Fix: Secondary image window moving below main window when showing hint.
  • Fix: Help sometimes showing empty window, caused by the previous beta.
  • Fix: Cursor position isn't always visible when starting Transcript.
Download beta: (includes all available languages) ... ETA2.5.exe
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