Transcript beta build 54

Here new versions including beta versions of Transcript will be announced.
Also for new and updated plugins and new translations of Transcript.
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Transcript beta build 54

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A new beta version of Transcript is available with the following changes

Fixed Bugs:
+ Opening a new textfile when the current text was changed caused the text zoom to be reset to 100
+ After opening another textfile or creating a new textfile the font name and font size boxes still showed the old values

Added: in file open I added the possibility to open the file as readonly!
You can also toggle the readonly mode of the current textfile using the edit menu at the top or the local rightclick menu for the editor.
This setting is saved in the global Transcript settings, which means that when changing projects the readonly flag will be reset to false. Also when creating a new file or opening a file from the history list the readonly settings will be turned off if it was on.
Notice that you can set a file to readonly which has already been modified but it will still be possible to save those changes! If you have set automatic saving in options those changes will still be automatically saved to file!

PS: if you encounter any bugs or other problems with Transcript please tell me either by e-mail or by posting it here in the bugs forum. Because I can only fix something If I know about it.
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