Transcript beta 81

Here new versions including beta versions of Transcript will be announced.
Also for new and updated plugins and new translations of Transcript.
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Transcript beta 81

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It's been a while since the last beta but here is a new version with mostly minor improvements and bugfixes.

Note: starting this beta release Windows 7 is officially supported and Win 9x versions (Windows 98 and Millennium) are not supported anymore.
However if anyone is still using one of the old unsupported versions I would like to hear if it is still working and if possible will try to fix things that are broken. I don't have a system to test it on though so I can't support it officially.

Note2: My betas only contain the Transcript program itself not the help and languages files etc. Meaning you shouldn't uninstall the stable release but copy the Transcript.exe from the beta to the folder where you have Transcript installed.
In case you haven't installed yet please install the stable release first and then copy the beta over it.

Changes in build 81
Released 2011-01-26.
  • Updated the jvcl and jcl code libraries to their latest releases which made code changes necessary in several places, also made it necessary to change to my own language loader because jvcl removed the one I used.
  • More code changes to improve maintainability.
  • Updated links to jcl and jvcl in About, also update the lng files (lng files not included in the beta, will have to wait until a stable release).
  • refactored code for System and Transcript info in About and exception dialogs to remove duplication and improved the Info given there.
  • back ported my changes in JvRichEdit and JvCharMap (not sure if win 9x still works with current jvcl though would love to hear).
  • bugfix (hopefully): after acquiring an image with a scanner the image reverts back to previous image when changing brightness or other image adjustment (needs testing I currently don't have a scanner that works with Win 7 64bit, please let me know if this works).
  • fixed first time loading position with dual monitor setup.
  • Known problem old Plugins not compatible with this version of Transcript and no new plugin versions available as of yet
Changes in build 80
Not released 2010-12-18.
  • Test build to see if everything still works on my Windows 7 64 bits system.
Changes in build 79
Not released, 2009-11-15.
  • Add some info in About box of Transcript about the files and libraries that are used by Transcript and their locations.
Changes in build 78
Released 2009-11-14 but never officially announced.
  • Fixes a bug where GhostScript couldn't be found on 64 bits Windows. Secondly only the 32 bits version of GhostScript can be detected by Transcript so even if you are on 64 bits Windows you should install the 32 bits version of GhostScript (which works without problems on 64 bits Windows).
  • Other minor code improvements which I can't remember.
Download beta:
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