PDF Import with ghostscript

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PDF Import with ghostscript

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First of all: Thank you very much for this excellent software!

I'm using Transcript version together with Ghostscript 9.07.
Importing a 300dpi PDF-file lead to a 75dpi JPEG.
Is it possible to change the resolution of the JPG to 300dpi?


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Re: PDF Import with ghostscript

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Yes it is possible to change the output resolution of images extracted from pdf files.

The easiest way is to get the registered version of Transcript. It has options to change the pdf resolution and jpg quality (besides a lot of other useful extras).
In the registered version the most common resolutions can also be changed from menu Image, Pdf.

In the free version you will have to manually change the settings in Transcript's settings file Transcript.ini. How to do that is explained in Transcript's help file.
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