Insert file name in editor via shortcut

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Insert file name in editor via shortcut

Post by Flominator »

Hi there,

awesome tool. Thanks a lot for creating it. I used it to index 230 photographs of newspaper death announcements yesterday within two hours. Really cool!

I'm not sure if the feature exists already, at least I didn't find it: I'm looking for a fast way to insert the file name of the current image in the editor (best would be via some shortcut without having to switch to mouse).

Thanks and kind regards from Black Forest

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Re: Insert file name in editor via shortcut

Post by Wormnest »

Sorry, for the slow reply. I didn't get a notification that there was a new post.

Anyway, this already exists, but only in the Pro version.

Menu Tools, insert auto text (Ctrl+Alt+F) can be used to add the filename. What exactly is inserted can be adjusted in advanced settings.
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