Transcript beta 93

Here new versions including beta versions of Transcript will be announced.
Also for new and updated plugins and new translations of Transcript.
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Transcript beta 93

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A new beta version of Transcript is available. This version should be able to correctly identify Windows 8.
I would appreciate if someone that already has Windows 8 installed can test this. The information can be found in menu Help, About, Information tab.

Transcript can now also be followed on Facebook, making it easier to stay up to date. Please like and spread the word if you want ;)

I can only fix things when I know there is a problem so please send bug reports and crashes to me (either by e-mail or on this forum).

Changes in build 93
Released 2012-09-15.
  • Feature: (Pro only) menu option to add the complete image into the text (Warning: this can lead to large editor files causing slow loading, saving and editing!
    In general it would be better to copy just a small selection of the image.)
  • Bugfix: Division by zero when for some unclear reason when the amount of pictures in the folder of the current image seems to become 0.
  • Updated jcl to and jvcl to 3.47 including a few changes needed to make Transcript work again. As a consequence Transcript should now also correctly detect and report Windows 8. (Though no other explicit Windows 8 changes have been made nor am I aware that any are needed.)
  • Warn when an old version of a plugin is causing problems.
  • Additional info in case of an exception.
  • Increased width of ProjectName box.
  • Increase width of Image box when size of Transcript window allows it.
Download beta: ... ETA2.4.exe
or: (only contains the executable no other files!)
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