Save document problems

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Save document problems

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I tried to save a document, but Transcript says it is open and can't save it:

"No se pudo guardar el archivo. Lo más probable es que esté siendo utilizado por otro programa. Ciérrelo e intente guardar de nuevo"

I have to rename the document, close it and open the new document if I want to work again. What could it be?

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Re: Save document problems

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Does this always happen or sometimes? This usually happens if the same document is also opened in another program.
To fix this you need to figure out which program has also opened the same document and close that program or close the document in that other program.

P.S. You did not tell what version of Transcript you are using and what version of Windows. If you are not using the latest version of Transcript then install the newest version and try again.
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